Bienvenidxs a Zap en 1040.CASA

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Welcome to Zap on  1040.CASA.

This social hub is powered by Zotlabs | Zap, free and open-source software and the Zot6 protocol.

Zap is a social networking platform built with control of your privacy at center stage. Your online communications can be as public as you wish or as private as you require. Private conversations, private photos, private videos. Your media... is protected by state-of-the-art cross-domain authentication.

Zot6 provides nomadic identity which lets you create a mirror of your account on multiple sites in case any one site fails for any reason. Just go to another mirror and carry on. These mirrors are kept up to date with any changes to your profile, settings, content, and connections.

This site is not, in any way, affiliated with any current or previous employer you may or may not have/had.

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