Description: A collection of images by el_chava
Location: Por ahí, por ahí
Description: I knit a scarf once.
Location: West Coast, North America
About: * tinkerer-in-general
* jack of some trades

(profile photo artwork by Oscar Rosales, @galaxyartfire)
Description: Yes
Description: jedi master, bladerunner, highlander, batman
Age: 33


Age: 23
Location: California, United States
Hometown: Lynwood
Description: Predident
Description: Obscure Ninja
Age: 27
Location: California
Hometown: Anaheim
About: Straight forward, outgoing. I like to immerse myself in my work and my environment and create a soothing environment.
Age: 24


Description: The spirit of RT-Misc lives here!
Location: In your heart